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What can I expect from a Massage?

Today, many of us are recognizing that massage is more than just a luxury. Added to a regular part of our wellness routine, massage can play an important role in maintaining physical, emotional and mental well-being and the body’s ability to heal itself. The core ingredient of massage therapy is touch. In a balance of art and science, massage therapists are trained to use their sense of touch to locate areas of tension in the muscle. Overworked muscles accumulate lactic acid, causing soreness, stiffness and even muscle spasm. A massage therapist learns specific techniques to release this tension and eliminate lactic acid from the body. Massage therapists reduce tension in soft tissue by applying pressure with hands, forearms, or elbows, increasing circulation. Circulation helps oxygenate cells, allowing nutrients to reach the muscles and toxins to be carried off more efficiently. Studies now show what ancient cultures knew intuitively. Massage has many powerful and proven health benefits.
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